I think I lost all my progress

I ended up rebooting my PC to fix it, and that ended up deleting all my progress. I get the feeling I’ll have to start from scratch…

If you didn’t play CIU for more than 4 weeks
See here (correct me if I’m wrong):

did you back up your files? if not then sorry for your loss

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Restarting your computer? That shouldn’t hae an effect. If you mean a reformatting, or a data clear in any way, that definetly means you lost your progress ):

You also have to have less than 1 hour of playtime

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I forgot. Thanks for reminding me

Its not such a lose. I mean its an Early Access.

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This Is so Sad, IA play Yolk Star Theme

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So you re-formatted your PC or restored it to factory settings? And you haven’t kept a copy of C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU ?

Poor BCmediaplayer

I restored the factory settings. Yeah, that probably explains it.
Hey, do you think I could get some kind of downloadable file that grants me a bunch of keys so I can at least buy back everything I lost on my ship?

Actually, hold up. I think I found a CIU file here. Do I submit the folder somewhere else?

Is that really fair if other people who lost their progress didn’t get such a thing?

Fair point.

I think a good system would be, though just as cumbersome to have, is to show screenshots or video of your progress. However they get as easily deleted. However uploading a video would be basically 100% fullproof in that case. But also uploading a save to google docs… so kinda just an extra step? idk. Still, rip all the saves ;_;

I would know his stats for sure and share it here, if he even have accepted my friend request.

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