I lost my data

@InterAction_studios hello my windows got corrupted and i preety much lost all data i did had CUI in a USB but when i installed it and runned it i was on tier 1 i have lost all my progress my CUI username is mustafa i was on tier 80 something with a bomber ship i invested 1 month into the game and it reallt hurts seeing all my investment going into waste is there a solution to this ? can i guys give me my account back somehow?

Sir, can you not posting your issue twice?

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i was told to ping IA thats why i posted it twice

Private message works though

Also you can still edit the first topic and ping him.

sorry i didnt know

where can i pivate message them

Click on their profile, then click this blue message button:
Then type the title and the description of your message.


btw thats my ship of the account i lose

tell the ia studios but your account needs to be 14 days old

yeah thanks for your concern they’ restored it❤️


any data issues have happened to you , go make a private DMs between you and IA instead of making topics about it also as i said ask all your questions in the Chatting place :+1:


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