i have problem with game

hi i have a problem with game loging in process take too long and then i get a massage that says connection lost what should i do? i am using vpn.

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A few questions:

  1. Are you running the newest version? (v51)
  2. Is your firewall blocking the connection to the game?
  3. Is your network fine?

If you aren’t running the latest version, make sure to always download the latest version from :arrow_down: Download Early Access, otherwise you won’t be able to play it with outdated version.

If firewall is blocking the connection to the game, allow it through firewall. To do so:
Open Control Panel and go to System and Security, then Windows Defender Firewall, then click on the blue link that says “allow an app through firewall”. Click on Change Settings. Scroll until you find the game and check the checkbox before the app’s name, and check the checkboxes under “Private” and “Public”.
If it’s not listed on the allowed apps list, click on allow another app, and look for the game. If it’s not on the list on allow another app dialog box, browse the game file.

If the network isn’t fine, turn off the router for 10 secs and turn it back on.

Let me know if any of what I said above helps.

Also, this topic should be categorized to #early-access.


You mentioned you are using a VPN.
It’s probably an easy thing to think of, but I’m gonna mention it anyway:
Try the game without a VPN, see the outcome.


Guys, firewall and Windows Defender don’t affect the game connection. Whether they allow to connect or no, it won’t work. This happened for me too in before. Also, if the new version comes, the game notifies you need to download the latest version and I’ve doubt, if VPN affects the connection.

NO idea :expressionless:

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