I have an error in the game

(I logged in just to say some things because I accidentally clicked on CIU forum thumbnail again and I saw some extremely stupid things here so don’t expect me to stay this time)

You still need a license to use it. Guess what else can you download for free? Everything. Doesn’t make it legal though.

Upgrade tool is a horrible idea. When you upgrade OS you should always do a clean install. Just make a backup of your files and do normal install. It’s not that hard.

Isn’t it just one feature that doesn’t support it? When IA switched to Dx 11, he specifically stated that win XP support is removed. Right now it says that it’s just unsupported on win7/vista so it can also mean that it still runs but without performance improvement. Also it would be such a stupid move from IA to remove Win 7 support that I can’t even say this enough. Win7 has a marketshare of 25%. It’s not something that you can just cut like that and expect it to be fine. Especially when you’re not a AAA game developer (still stupid when you have Vulkan and you decide to use DirectX 12, but whatever pleases them)

Win 10 ISO right now is approximately 4GB in size. Of course you need more space if you actually decide to install it.

You’d be surprised. You should always be careful. You can read about the time hackers replaced official ISOs on Linux Mint site with malware. Of course that’s not microsoft, but they can also fall for that attack.

That’s dumb. Official Windows 10 requirements state that you need 2GB of RAM for it to run.

Yeah, Windows 10 is a disaster. But it doesn’t depend on the size of RAM.

Pretty good suggestion. If you’re careful I would personally recommend Win7, but if you’re not exactly familiar with computer then go for Win 8.1 or Win 10. There’s also Linux but that’s not the time to write about it.


thanks bro

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