I have a question

What will happen if I buy this color theme Will I be able to unlock all colors with shine and different types of thuster colours???

also can u tell me whats the fastest way to get keys ? and food

No, you will be able to change the score and the ui colors.

Color theme affects your UIs

whats UIs? u mean my ship?

Oh yeah prevent yourself from flooding the forum by not creating too many topics

No, he means those things at the top right, and the buttons at the left.

sorry im new and i got a lot of questions regarging the game i been playing CI since i was a kid and CIU mechanic is totally different from all the chicken invaders i played i wish i had a friend who i could just talk to regarding the game

Color Themes let’s you change the game colours, buying more than one won’t change anything unless if you want to have multiple styles of themes.

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and what about all of these do i have to pay for each? or can i buy the whole set for the given amount of keys? :thinking:

You can only select one and pay 55 keys for it.

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another thing i wanted to ask was which special weapon is used for which purpose aint rockets and mines the same?

You can check the wiki post for that, but I recommend buying them&trying them out yourself, it’ll be much better.

But I recommend to use dimensional phase-out because it makes you invincible for about 9 seconds, it’s the best weapon out of all of them and it’s useful at all situations.

Yes, the only different thing is that the missiles explode only at the middle of the screen, but the mines explode at the same time at any part of the screen.

@mustafa555998 If you want to ask a question about the game stuff, you should ask this on 🗨 Chatting place - #3014.


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