I found a bug

In this picture you can see the date is in 2120

Please fix it @InterAction_studios

Not a bug. The game takes its place in the future.


Really ?

The amount of times that it is submitted makes me wonder if it really is a good idea.


Yeah, it’s called universe. So it takes it’s place 100 years forward.

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Though in my opinion 2400 would be more appropriate.

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Wut, that’s the stupid reasoning. I mean, you literally live in a universe right now and yet it is 2020.


aRe YOu sUre aBOut tHat

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hey @kokokokos click here
if you want to know more

I know about andromeda galaxy. We live in a milky way galaxy, but all the galaxies are in one universe. There’s also multiverse theory, but that’s a topic for different time.

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