I don't know how this forum works

People starts going to keep silence my account. :frowning_face:
I’m mad

Because you keep bumping old posts, bumping old posts without good reason is not good


keep bumping? But I just bumped 2-4 times from last month. Now just once

One bump is still not good, those might consider to be trolling

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If you make mistakes and you know it is bad, you must NEVER ever intentionally make the same mistake again. Not one day. Not one week. Not one month. Not one year. Not for the rest of your life. Not even until the end of time, when our universe is destroyed.

Intentionally convicting crimes in real life will get you into jail for longer than if you are not intentionally doing it.


Personally, I think it’s a human instict. Everything that is prohibited sparkes desire.
Also, before further damage, @InterAction_studios, please close this.

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Doing stuff that annoys people is fun,but on the internet please respect the other person’s crankiness.

yeah i’m pretty sure it’s the topic bumps and the slight immaturity you started showing by the consequences of the former

Topic bumping is bad form (especially pointless bumping), but it’s nowhere near as horrible as some people make it out to be.

I have gone back and manually closed all old posts. Yes – all 1600+ of them. Individually. Now you know why the next Early Access update will be delayed :wink:

This should solve 99% of the problem. If you wish to re-open an old topic, ask me.