I can't login to the game

i have a problem with ciu entering the game. when im trying to enter the game, it will take time for it to log in, and then say “failed: connection timed out”. i don’t know what it is, firewall isn’t blocking it, even entered with a vpn and it still does not go in. what is the problem here?

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  1. Change the DNS server into Google’s
  2. Reboot your router
  3. Try changing into another server through VPN(not connecting to your old server, but a new one in a different region instead)

This happened for most Iranian players, even me. I suggest you to try this:

Let your PC use your mobile data.

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@InterAction_studios please fix this problem.Because I can’t use my mobile internet much.I think it’s just for Iranians.


Believe me, it might be a problem at Iran:

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Do you have problem now?

I could connect suddenly now, but not always. It was around a week I wasn’t able to connect. I think next time I won’t able to play until some days again.

EDIT: My internet mobile is E and as soon as it going to be connected, it shows me the error again.

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There will be some network problems or what?

There’s not any network problems. Even changing DNS server could not help.

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I can’t help with such network connectivity problems. The internet is a big place and I don’t control it. All I can say is that the server accepts all connections, so the problem lies elsewhere.


i found a vpn i can use so now i’m able to connect and play the game now.


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