I can't get it (Chink in the armor)

Why am i able to damage chickens and chicks and ufos inside the bubbles? this will result in more unbubbled enemies.
To make sure, No:
1- I wasn’t using absolver beam.
2- I wasn’t using any satellites.
3- I wasn’t using any special weapons.
Can someone please tell me why this is possible? Is this a bug?

What weapon was using? Some weapons can move easier the Bubble and bumb the hitbox of some enemies

I was using fork.

Can Give a photo or a video of this wave?

I’ll do it next time, but it happens sometimes.

Just try to kill the chicken with no bubble then others will pop

This is weird, I’ve never met this before. Bubbles are supposed to be bigger than the chicken it self.(hope I got that right)

You don’t get it, i am talking about that the enemies can be damaged with the bubble, when that’s not supposed to happen.

Yeah, i know. and you got it right.

:thinking: I think you pushed the bubble out of the chickens

I didn’t.

well the forks did :thinking:

and any other weapon can do, but, i would suggest the bubble to be bigger to prevent being bugged like that.

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It’s possible one of your other projectiles destroyed the “chick” (=the unprotected enemy), causing the bubble to be removed just as you were hitting it, so your projectile appeared to go through the bubble.


This is what happened exactly, it kept happening, until it became 2 unbubbled enemies, not only 1.

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