I can't download the new ver. (v54)

I can’t download the new ver. (v54) for some reason. When I clicked the link (both of it) the page where it says that the file is too big for scanning (to check if it has any viruses) load for less than a second then it shuts down. How can I fix this?

Try turning off your antivirus temporarily.

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Well…I tried but it says that it’s turned off by group policy. And the computer i’m using was originally my parent’s PC so idk who’s the security admin of my PC. I’ll try to fix it but for now I can’t really fix it.

Do you have problem with installing other games/programs too?

weird, this also happened to me too when i tried to download ciu, my browser says “this file is not commonly downloaded and might be dangerous to your computer”

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Try a different browser.

It always says that to me, I just click “keep”.

Note: If you can download the file, but your system doesn’t allow to run, right click on this, then properties. If you saw something like “This file is not commonly downloaded and might be dangerous to your computer” (like what HaiAn2007 said) in the below, click on unblock. Should work.

Or press Ctrl+J (if you’re using chrome), and press keep

what type of antivirus apps do you use , a weak antivirus app can’t help you

I use the Win 10’s antivirus (a.k.a the one in the settings)

Can you show how it looks like when it fails to download? The moment before crash.

My computer broke, sadly. Something happened to the graphics card and needed repairs. Don’t worry. It’ll be fixed soon. I just need a few days to wait for my new graphics card to ship. I’m texting this on my phone.

Maybe it’ll work after it’s fixed? Seems to be your antivirus blocking the download, as far as I can tell

I dunno. Maybe the one I’m downloading has viruses so it shuts the page down. I’ll get a new antivirus software right after I get my new graphics card to see if anything changes.

But the download is completely safe… It’s probably just your antivirus being dumb.

(Most Antivirus softwares seem to make the same mistake too, that’s why I switched them off)

Yea I think you’re right. I should do that. In the meantime I’ll play the other ci games on my phone.

WOOOOOO HOOOOO!!! FINALLY! I downloaded another browser and guess what? It downloaded!! (the page crashed but it managed to load long enough for me to download it)

btw credits to @Karizaki for the idea



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If you ever have problems downloading stuff, keep this idea in mind. It’s a problem solver in many cases.