Huge Controller Issues (Overlapping Controls)

I’ve been trying to play Chicken Invaders Universe for a few days, but the Controls mess up way too easily. I have a Logitech G29 Driving Force Steering Wheel attached to my Computer for Racing Games as well as an Xbox 360 Controller for Windows.

I wanted to play Chicken Invaders Universe with just my Mouse, but it’s absolutely impossible. If the Steering Wheel gets as little as a light wind, all of the Controls suddenly change and break, the game constantly thinking I’m holding down on a joystick. Even worse, when this happens, I can’t use my Mouse to move my Ship at all, meaning I’m forced to use the Keyboard to move my Ship sideways and as for Vertical, I have to press down on the Acceleration Pedal, and whenever I do, the Ship suddenly goes up way too fast causing me to crash and throw an extra life in the trash can which I had no control over at all.

In short, after a random point of playtime, sometimes the moment the game starts, I have to play the game with THREE Controllers at once, the Mouse for Shooting, the Keyboard to move the Ship left and right, and the Acceleration Pedal to very quickly move up before the Ship forcefully goes down on its own. This is a very clunky, unintuitive control style that works against me, the Player.

Other games suffered problems like this as well and at least one of them eventually fixed it. Can this be fixed in Chicken Invaders Universe, too? I just want to play with nothing more than the Mouse, not 3 Controllers at once.


This may be a sensibility problem over the steering wheel that cause this mess to happen, not a game flaw.

I’m ignorant on the matter but have you tried umplugging cables and turnig off bluetooth in order to disable the unneeded controllers?

(Anyway welcome into the comunity!)


I don’t think Bluetooth is involved. I tend to play a lot of Racing Games so I always keep the Steering Wheel plugged in. Besides, plugging it out whenever I want to play Chicken Invaders Universe and then plugging it back in again once I’m done every single time is just too much of a hassle to do.

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Go to Options → Controls → Joypad → and select “Ignore all joypads”


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