HUD Food Collection Indicator

It indicates the amount of food items you earned when you collect them from enemy drops. Positions itself a line below the HUD Points Indicator with a brown number color. Costs around 300 keys to buy.

Here’s a pic for example

Alternative option

Reason is that some cuisine items looks way too similar on each other like



Uhm…There is one at the collections HUD (which contains remained lifes. firepowers. food and keys).

Can you be more specific of that type of HUD?

For example, when you collect a roast it’d display +20

I may have beat OP to it by a few seconds but yeah you get the point

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Already made a pic as an example.

The spacecraft is already flooded with point numbers (if HUD Point Indicator is equipped), so I think it’s quite tangled. I suggest displaying it at somewhere emptier, like above the HUD showing the number of food in the bottom-left corner. (I’m lazy to design but you can imagine right?)

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It counts the number of food not score .

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He meant showing the score acheived by picking up a piece of food. not their numbers.

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Actually it’s the opposite, Fractorial did in fact mean the amount of food you get from collecting one. Not the score you get. That would just be a score indicator but more useless.
Edit: right, as for the idea itself, well for one it’s way too overpriced. For a price of 300 keys, you can pay for a HUD item that will do nothing to help you. You will always just collect all the food you can and there is never a case where you will try to be selective about which food you want to get, because you’ll simply go for all of it. Overall the item seems fairly useless, but if you really wish to have it added, it needs an insane price cut. This thing doesn’t deserve to cost even 100 keys, let alone 300.


Why not just show the number right above the place where burger is shown in UI?

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Exactly what I meant!

then that is useless.

Indeed most HUDs are useless. But it’s fun to look at, right? I still equip all HUDs just to make the interface more informative.


I’d set it at a price that is slightly expensive than the cuisine items as the HUD’s for the food items themselves. Well, for them being useless…

Actually, I would like to apply it on other counters as well except for time and wave number ofc so that the 300 keys will be worth

How was this?
floating numbers


Having counters for lives and SWs are unnecessary as they always decrease by a fixed amount, but never mind, you already posted the image

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I’m feeling bad for future mobile players because that stuff impacted performance quite much in CI episodes and I never bothered to check if it’s still the case for CIU.

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Wow, I’ve noticed a ridiculous problem. Since it’s almost impossible to collect 2 food at the same time, the HUD will actually spamming +1 +1 +1 insanely fast when you collect a bunch of food one by one. But it’s very hard to determine the gap to group the food collected.

Suggested solution: Showing how many food you collected the entire wave after finish the wave instead?

Just make it a limit of 3 numbers at once and remove oldest ones upon reaching the limit.

So it will be +3 +3 +3 flood and the last one can be either +1, +2 or +3, I guess?

-  -  +1
-  +1 +1
+1 +1 +2
+1 +2 +3
+2 +3 +1