How will ciu make moey

will there be add revenue or ingame purchase or ciu will cost money after early access

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CIU will make money through CHL I think.

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CIU Will Make Money Through Chicken Hunter License And Key Purchases

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mostly through ads on the mobile versions and microtransactions, i assume


Would rather just buy the game out right as it would be worth it instead of buying an in game licence to avoid popup ads


Advertisement is going to be main profit source because the game is going to be available on smartphones. On PC it’s questionable: windows store supports advertisement but it looks more like ports of android games.
PC version will probably be made like you buy the game with license applied automatically.


I think there will be more things only available with the CHL aside from the Ironman competition and buying some things at the store with other prices, so it will be more different.

The Steam edition might be useful to profit, but as iA said most of the income will arrive from the Mobile edition.

Yeah the games have gotten five million downloads each (not counting editions) on android.


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