How to beat the Egg Cannon Cannon Cannon Cannonade?

I’m really sorry for being such a “chicken”, but I really just gave up trying to beat this boss after countless deaths, I beat almost every mission on the hardest difficulty, but this particularly Boss just seems impossible for me.

Of course, I could try equiping countless special weapons and spamming them like crazy for the second phase onward (I already discovered how to deal with the first phase, never overcomed the second one), but that’s just a cheap (and, at the same time, very expensive) way to do it.

So what’s the best strategy? Is there a video so I can watch how to do it?

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You can win by not dying

Just kidding. The 2nd phase always has the lasers going in the same pattern. Just watch where they’d go, and find gaps. Don’t try to focus on ALL of the lasers. Just the ones heading in your general direction.


In the second phase, you can go to the edges and try to dodge the lasers, especially the opposite edge, since doing that will give more time to react. Never go to the middle in this phase. After the cannon shoots the egg, just try to destroy a part of the eggshell, and dodge the lasers afterwards.

The third phase is quite easier, but still hard. You can go to the opposite edge of the cannon and try to dodge its egg shotgun and circle lasers.


If you’ve got through phase 2 and reached phase 3… you need to be really skillful and lucky to win.

You can exploit its blindspot at phase 3.


Thank you guys, I’ve already learned how to deal with it, it’s really important to not stay in the middle on the second phase, or else I see no way to evade all the lasers, I used a lot of Dimensional Phase-Out until a learned that it’s only possible to evade staying at the edges, when I found this Cannon one more time I did it without special weapons, the third phase is really easy after the second.

One thing I noticed, you can eliminate a laser every now and them with the Absolver Beam, is that intended? A characteristic of the Weapon? Or I’ve just found a bug?

Yes. That’s how the weapon works. It was even explained before here: Im not sure is this is nitpicking.....but [Toxic chickens] - #5 by Martoto177

Thank you, I just found it weird because it only works sometimes, not every time.

And yes, I’m charging my weapon all the way to the max power before unleashing every attempt.

Yeah, for it to work: at least stay next to the laser (not almost to die) and then fire the charged beam (at least the beam must be placed on the edge of the egg cannon’s laser) and it will work.

Oh, the only way for me to beat it is to use countless missiles or this thing which boosts your weapon (I can’t remember its name)

Damage Amplifier, it boosts your damage by 3x.

Well, when I still had troble with it, I prefered using Dimensional Phase-Out, because at least it prevents you from dying, a Damage Amplifier could allow you beat it faster making you stronger for a while, but if you die, you’ll get a lot weaker anyway.

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