How l can see wormhole in the game?

There is no wormhole I have tried to find by zooming closer but I can’t see any wormhole

zoom VERY close to see them

I have also zoomed closer but I didn’t found.

And also, try moving around a little with the max zoom, not just zooming in to the max and staying at one spot.

I will send a picture by zooming closer.

Also, zoom in slowly, then look around a while, it’ll be more easy to find them

[Tell me if you know that in these places there are wormholes](


InterAction Studios help me

I already told you, just zoom in to the wormhole’s locations that kaizo posted and then move around the location for a while and eventually you’ll find one.

Ok I will try

The only secret that I know to find them is that they are far from systems

Still I didn’t found a wormhole in some wormhole’s locations

Move around more with the max zoom in. By the way, Increasing the brightness can also help.

I made in some locations that I found I maxed the full zoom and I didn’t found. Can you tell Kaizo if he found a wormhole he can tell me the location of the wormhole OK

Kaizo did you found a wormhole

So tell me it’s place ya

Just search for the black and white texts

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There is no black words there is only white words Kaizo you mean that all the black locations are the locations of wormholes

White words are the wormholes.