How l can see wormhole in the game?

I am online in the game and take photo of the game with my phone’s camera
Can someone tell me why I can’t see any wormholes?
I searched and travel a lot but I didn’t see any wormholes
I early buy this options :point_down:

Please help :sob:

This topic will help you:

I think my version isn’t the full version :frowning_face:

It’s completely free…


The only thing requires money is Chicken Hunter License, which saves your progress on email.

They’re hard to find, you’ll have to be smart

I found one thanks for helping me

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I found the 2nd wormhole


glad that you’ve finally found one


I also can’t find even one wormhole

Read carefully the solution.

@InterAction_studios It solved. Please close this topic.



I also have a problem in finding a wormhole. Please give me a solution

You Should zoom on the location and if you find it you will get 100 keys

Look at the image above: The Black&White words are the locations all the Wormholes.

My version is different than yours

Eh? What do you mean? We all play at the same version. You can’t play an outdated version of this game.

No, it’s the same, you can’t see all the image at the game, you gotta scroll with your mouse.

[See here](


it must be:
[See here](upload://3rXHsfCg7rLvnimVODgsrSymerO.jpeg)
See here