How do you make money off this?


@InterAction_studios how are you making money off this? The game doesn’t cost anything (at least for now) and you dont have any adverts lying around.


I believe they said they currently make money mostly through the ads on the mobile versions.


When they release the game on their page, the game will be free, but the get all of the game’s features, a Chicken License (something like that) will be required, and on Steam only the full game will be buyable. ON mobile versions, there will be ads.


Didn’t IA also say something about microtransactions? I would personally hope so.


We’re not currently making any money, but we’re being very hopeful that this will change in the future :wink:

After Early Access, there’s 3 main ways: From the Chicken Hunter License (converts your account from guest to registered, connects all your devices together, backs up your career), from any microtransactions by people buying keys, and from a little ad revenue (on mobile).


Say. How are you planning the economy of purchasing keys? I have made my own thoughts about that and honestly the base conversion really shouldn’t be below 200 keys per 1€ or 1$ - Or to be quite honest, it’s hard to determine. Let me put it like this: I don’t want to have to spend 100€ for getting only a bit of the best equipment.

Honestly, if you want to make some money, make a backer-status purchase in-game. Get something in return like 1.000 keys, make it cost like 5€ or something. And after the release you can get your own personal “backer badge”


No clue yet. Right now, the whole difficulty/economy is all over the place. The key economy will need to be balanced first, before we can even begin to think about a fair exchange rate.

Interesting idea about the backer badge. Perhaps we could have different levels to the Chicken Hunter License (e.g., basic, backer, complete). Basically, several tiers where together with the license you would also get more goodies (free keys, unique medals, soundtracks, etc).


thats actually a good idea


“actually” :laughing:




But don’t make them exlusive for a time, and not too overpriced. Helping your studio is nice, but if the reason you want me to pay is to get a few pieces of soundtrack… plz no. I’d rather have them purchasable for keys. Though I have no problem with profile badges or free keys.


Neither do I, as long as the extra keys won’t give people with money to ſpare an unfair advantage. So the in-game prices ſhouldn’t go up inſanely, and the keys ſhould be fairly expenſive.


I wish IA dont turn game into P2W and accepts eula.


Yeah don’t make it pay 2 win, only aesthetics should be purchasable with real money, like different engine styles, spaceship textures, even weapon colours but not all


With “Backer package” I more so referred to a package you can buy in early access to support the development rather than having different license tiers. But I guess that would also be a good idea. xD


Maybe they should sell 100 keys for 1 euro. I only want to mean not paid users can gain same things as paid users with a bir work.