How did you come to know about the Chicken Invaders Franchise?

I came to know about this the franchise from an old CD from my friend with random games. The CD had mostly games made by IA and it was pretty entertaining. It had CI3 and CI4 and a bunch of other IA games. (I don’t have the CD now :frowning: )

But how did you guys know about the franchise? Let me know 'cause this franchise is very underrated if you ask me.


I know the CI when I was a 3 year old where I.
cry whenever I die (literally).

my Father played CI2 when I was young and at that moment, I don’t even know that there’s the sequel or even CI1.


I knew about CI when I was 9 or something. Also I used to be very afraid of the 1st boss in CI3

I was afraid of the sounds of UCO at that moment (and it’s somehow still relatable till today)

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Yeah, that boss music is just very contrasting with the upbeat music in the wave just before it. It was very scarring to be honest

I had just found randomly CI4 on Big Fish Games 6 -7 years ago, that’s my first contact.

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Its fun to know how people came to know about the game because its not always straightforward. I also knew about Big Fish games back in the day, but is it still around?

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CI3 was my first and I loved it to bits

god damn 60 minute limits on big fish though


Oh yeah I remember those limits too. But as for me I could only play it 9 times and then I had to pay up. So I used to speedrun the whole game in one go and cheat the system.

I remember playing CI4 and the trial version of CI3 back then when I was little until I got attention before

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[Brief Silence]




To answer the question, I… actually, I don’t know. I’m pretty sure the first game I played was either 1 or 2, but I was too young to remember when or where that was.

CI3 was the first game that I owned a copy of and was able to play through to completion. I can distinctly remember the moment I first beat the game in vivid detail.

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The first time I beat CI4 was so cool. Especially the part where the egg canon short circuits and then explodes dramatically. And then the “Spectacularly awesome!” text shows up. Those were the days.

I am like you too, but I was 6 years old at the time

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I knew chicken invaders 3 times

First time when my parents pirated ci3. It was my very first vidrogame (I was about 9 at that time) and could’t beat uco 2.

Then I forgot about the franchise, until I found years later ci4 mobile. Grinded it so much that I got Hen solo ship.

Forgot about the franchise another time for more years until I discovered ci5, decided to replay every game avaiable on mobile, finally destroyed the yolk star and then search on internet to know more.
This is when I discovered Universe existence


CI2 was the first game I played when I was 6. I had the game around 4 months and after installing new Windows, I lost my games.

After 7 years, I accidentally found CI3 and never stopped playing since.

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from a cool guy i met who played ci3, probably some time around 2008 or 2009, or 2010.

he quit everytime completing prologue though.

during that same time, i met another cool girl playing ci4.

then i started playing in 2010, knew about the existence of ci5 in 2015, and ciu in 2019.


I just started playing Chicken Invaders in 2011 and CI3 is the first franchise that I’ve played. Then in 2012, I discovered and played CI4. I took a break in playing Chicken Invaders until 2019 where I play CI5 (I don’t know much about CIU at that time). Then in late 2020, I started playing CIU

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through finding a demo of CI2 xmas on some CD in 2008


I remember first seeing the game back in 2002 on my uncle’s pc. At first, I was like dude, are those chickens? How are they flying in space? But after I started playing it was so much fun. Then found CI3 on bigfishgames and the difference between the first and the third one was insane, the graphics, the gameplay, the anger created by the Yolk lol.

Then I remember finding CI4 and 5 on android. Damn, now you could get keys and buy stuff. I remember grinding keys for such a long time and then the phone died and so did the saved data.

And now, by pure coincidence, I’ve found CIU a little more than a year ago while searching for CI6, since it has been a while since CI5 has been released. I just had a feeling there was something being made and I was right.

Anyway, the MMO aspect is a huge step forward, I can’t even imagine the complexity and effort done, especially since it has been made by just one person. I really hope the game will do great once it has been released and I think it will just based on the nostalgia factor.


My dad played CI1 and I continued to play, around 2016.

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