How can I join a Squadron?

I am playing this game for so long, and I decided I want to join a Squadron. I have purchased a Squadron License but I don’t know how to join any Squadron.
Can someone help me, please?
I’d really appreciate nay help from you guys, especially from InterAction Studios.

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you want to join or want otherz to join?

Well, if you have bought a squadron license then you can invite members, but if you want to join a squadron, try asking in this topic Squadron job board along with posting your callsign too.


He wants to join a squadron

I want to join one Squadron.

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there are many,
you may have decided to join a specific squadron

So do you want to join mine?

Well you can search for the squadron topic and write your calligsn there so people can invite you there, but if you want to make one then buy squadron lisence and upgrade it then post it in the squadron topic then take opinions of people then invite them

This was already said before:

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but what i said contains more info

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Yeah, but it’s a bit same.


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