How about putting test servers

that players have unlimited keys and everything but stop it when game release

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How would having unlimited keys help with testing if players can already get all of the shop items by themselves


nope visit tanki online there is test server its an online game

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Test server doesn’t mean “everything cheated in for free”


that’s of course very unacceptable

this game is made for fun and normal playing

and we know cheating isn’t fun

also the early access topic exists to suggest small ideas to IA

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And makes the game boring too, of course, since you would get everything and you wouldn’t find anything further.

Yeah, it should be posted in EA topic, but you can post ideas in a topic if no one cares about it in EA topic.

Oh, that’s the game which was killed with pseudo rebalances and, um… this?

No, thanks. I had enough when was on Tanki X beta test.
(fyi iA website version of CI5 costs less than this premium)


It would help testing items from the shop, you don’t need to test getting keys for hours to test things. Obviously I don’t mean it should it should replace current early access game but it could be a thing.

Let me remind you that items from shop cost some amount of keys. When you test something from shop, you also need to know if it worths the price or not. So in this case test server would just make it longer to make the item better.

tanki online test server

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