Hours record on mission

hat do you think this is the highest record on the mission?
my name in the universe chicken invaders is Fanta.


Really its just who can have their PC on the longest, but I do honor the dedication.

do you like your eyes?!

I don’t think he stared at the screen for 12 hours you’know?

Still, it’s nice to know that your internet’s that good.

This is how to have zero points/hour on profile stats

I live in your star system.

The hard worker medals or something are given away on mission time right? So if you just had CIU running in the background… no wait, it pauses. Still, you can have it on while doing something else. Is that truly a medal for that kind of person?
The fact it can be given to one person per day, and (I think) anyone can get it multiple times, just makes it extremely hard to get. And once the game is fully realeased… ooo boy.

These medals don’t work yet, but you’re right.

Perhaps the criterion should be changed to “most waves flown per day”.

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Yeah, actuälly I was tryïng to verify the preſence of this exploit uſing a VM, but was foiled by my bad internet. I was half way through compoſing a report on it and a propoſed ſolution (dead man’s handle- pauſe the game automatically after 5 minutes of not moving the ſpacecraft) when I had to go do ſomething, in the mean time of which you poſted this.

I do think a dead man’s handle would work better though, as that way it’s not biäſed towards people who fly ſhort miſſions.
Edit: Oh, wait, moſt waves per day. That’d work, and probably be leſs effort to implement.

either one the other “most waves flown per week”

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