Highest pecking order/multikill score counter

Comparing highest pecking order and multikill score counters in absolute stats would be an interesting idea. While pecking order fits less, I think multikill is perhaps more fitting for an achievement. I’d imagine the average player would like to see how high other people’s multikill/pecking orders are. Would be an extra incentive to keep playing and constantly better themselves!


Chatting Place Exist

Are you serious? No one had even said anything yet…

is it necessary to make topic for every thing?
i have made a challenge in chatting place long time ago.

Yes, because it’s a suggestion.

so why it is in #chicken-invaders?
i think it is a challenge for having more scores in po and mk.

I wouldn’t say that. It’s more of an extra counter in stats so that people compare eachother. It is definitely a suggesion, though.

so change the categories to #ideas

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