Hi My Name Sang old 14 nationality Vietnamese Thank you

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write posts in english, please


I think I was a bit harsh when flagging his post, because I forgot that one TL3 (Regular) flag immediately hides TL0 post (is this true?). Anyway, you can read this FAQ: https://forum.chickeninvaders.com/faq, “Keep It Tidy” section does say that you have to write posts in English.

EDIT: No, only spam flags.

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I’m vietnamese too, but in this forum we use english, not recommended for other languages

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He said:
Hello everyone, my name is Sang From Vietnam, Currently I am only 13 years old, I play everyday CIU Name in the game is M.SangYT if anyone with me, make friends, thank you very much, I just registered Just a week ago. Well, do not say much thanks


Did you used Google Translate? lul or you learned Vietnamese?
Also, VietNam

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chào @M.SangYT

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