Hi don't be tired

Hi don’t be tired
i have a question please answer me if you can.
i have made good progress in the game (Chicken Invaders Universe) and reached Level 18.
will my game progress be lost with future updates? or not?

As far as I know, it will be reset once after full release. Keys will be refunded though.


Thank you very much for your response.
honestly, i don’t play this lovely game anymore because the game has no place to record gmail! and this is very dangerous. that means maybe we will reach a day when all our efforts go back to zero
and maybe by changing the operating system, all our efforts will be zero.

ugh i don’t know:
(i’m scared the next game with a new update will tell us to import your Gmail! and later, when we get Gmail into the game, we’ll probably start from scratch by doing so.)

do you think the game has been officially awaited? or not? if not! so when will it be officially released?

Don’t worry, the keys that you’ve earned are going to stay with you, that includes keys that you’ve already spent on items. Sadly you will lose everything else so I feel bad for people with legendary gear but this is what the community voted for.


If you later decide to add your email and you still have the save once the game comes out you wont lose your progress. :]

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