Hey, help me

ok guys, i downloaded installer but when i open installer, i took too many long to download and i got stuck to download Chicken Invaders Universe

Is installer infinitely downloading for you so you can’t open it or there is a problem in installation proccess itself?
If the first one, try using different browser. On other PC I couldn’t download CIU via Chrome for some reason.

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no, its not solution

it opens window dialog

“Save file” dialog? It doesn’t show this for me, just instantly throws the file in downloads bar.
If it asks you if you want to save or open the file, select “Save as” option and give it any place where you want to save the installer.

(2nd button)

still not working

i saved in dekstop

What do you mean by “not working”? File didn’t save, can’t be opened or what?

i opened a installer and it doesnt show installer

Do you have administrator permissions on your user? Installer can’t be opened without them.

For me the first thing I see after launching the installer is language selection.


welp, i am stuck, you shold give a game folder not installer if its possible

yes, its example

Don’t think it gonna work but here you go: folder with v62.1 excluding unins000 files because they won’t do a thing anyway.


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