Henterprise firing egg mines on higher difficulties

The title says it all, make the Henterprise fire egg mines (those which detonate when it is on range of the player) besides ordinary eggs. The higher the difficulty, the more egg mines are fired.


That’s an interesting idea.

What if it is combined with my old idea of “Heat seeking egg” that can bend up to 45° when player gets closer?

Good idea. Would be a good addition, to be honest.
A bit off-topic,but I intend to create a post for a lot of balance change ideas for challenges(daily,weekly and space race),for some items and most of the bosses(pretty much all of them will be made harder). Does anyone want to see this? It’ll take a while to create because it has a lot of stuff and I might miss a lot of ideas, but it should be fine.
Sorry for bringing this up here,but wasn’t sure where else I could bring it up.
Mind if I add this idea to my post?


I would like to as well, sure go ahead.

That could be nice, but with there some visual cues to identify such ofc.

An antenna on the top of it, or something like that.

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