Hen Samurai

“The Sakura petals fall, resembling renewal and optimism. A petal resembles a samurai. Wielding his blood sword, a hero who fights with pride and slays with Honor…”

Greetings, or Ohayo, Konichiwa…Konbanwa. This is a new boss I’ve been working on. This is both a boss idea and somewhat a character development. Also, I am not a weeb nor feudal Japan enthusiast so forgive me if I do something wrong to their culture.


He’s the Military and Party Chicken’s cousin and a swordsmaster. His name is unknown but he can be called as Jack, Shinji, Raiden, Sam, Fedo,… Some even called him with the title of a military, “Shōgun”. He mostly spend his time watching anime and studying human culture. Though he know that humans are his enemy but their cultures are interesting for him. He can control lightning and occasionally, fire. Oh and he is fast.

Alright, enough rambling, time for the boss.


Wave 1 of X
Nameless Hen Samurai

Meet the samurai, a Japan-themed boss. This boss will be different to all of other bosses. At the start, he descends down and create a glowing Tomoe that can kill you if you get close.

He greets you. During this time, he is immortal until he spins his katana and enter fighting stance.

Basic Attack: Swing

A basic attack, a swing to the left or the right, hit by katana will kill you. Perform from 2 to 7 attacks, faster depends on difficulty. He always move in front of you before he attack.

Dash n’ Slash

Samurai moves to the left or right then charge to the other side, it leaves a glowing line that disapperas slowly that can kill you. He charge again but the second time, he aims where you at. The third one is a blind charge and fourth one is locked and on. He performs 1 to 4 turns depends on difficulty.

Speedcut: Future Swing

He swiftly charge around the screen, creating yellow cut on his way. During this time, he can’t hurt you and so do you. Until, he returns back to center, the yellow lines flash brighter, if you were caught in the lines when they reached their maximum fladh, the line will cut your ship and kill you.

Half health break

After you finish 50% of his health, he enter enrage mode. He create a tomoe that’s brighter than the original one and creating lightning in that order (no warning signs). After that, he is now enraged with the menancing aura surrounding him. All of his movements are now faster than they should be.

Unique Passive: Parrying

When the match truly starts and after he finishes peforming an attack, he will raise his katana and block all the incoming attack. He will also move around when he’s parrying.

When you try attack when he’s blocking, you will deal 0 damage, having the damage indicator will say “Blocked”. This lasts between 3 to 2 seconds depends on difficulty. When he stops parrying, he will have from 1.25 to 0.65 second delay for you to attack, after, he peforms another attack.

  • You can destroy his block by using a Super Weapon that delete bullets or just crash into him when he’s blocking. This will cause him to guard break, rendering him stunned for 2.5 seconds.
  • If you use a special weapon or crash to guard break him exactly when he start parrying, he will perfect block that attack and render your attack ineffective. This also make him release a ring of bullets that can kill you so time right!

All of his attack are random order and will enter parry mode every time he finishes a move.


If you get a game over by him, he will seathe his katana and bow, giving respect to you.


His health is the same as other boss and has a size of a big chicken. He can be in a double team.

His loot will be a firepower and some foods. Just a regular boss.



  • “It’s a Duel!”
  • “This gonna be a fair fight!”
  • “Greetings, Raiden.”
  • “Show me a good time, Jack!”
  • “There you are, let’s see how long it takes for you to crack!”
  • “Okay… Let’s Dance!
  • “You brought a sword to a gun fight!”


  • “Bow down to your Sensei.”
  • “Ara ara, Sayonara!”
  • “Nothing personnel, Cluck.”
  • “Hero Force Shines Eternal!”
  • “Arigato Gozaimasu.”
  • “Consult the Chicken Gods all you want, it can’t save you now!”
  • “Well, it’s your fault that you brought a sword to a gun fight.”

Conclusion: there is none, deal with it.

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ScarletCuboids: Creating, editing, developing this idea.
Roblox Catalog: props for the chicken
InterAction: assets


hen samurai should be added

damn, without hesitation

that’s so fucking cool


nice idea,can IA add this new boss?

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Probably one of the most original ideas in the last months

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humm, this could be the new counterpart for the ninja chick


if this is their cousin, then the face should be the military chicken one right

No. Just because they are related doesn’t mean they always have the same features

hen samurai must be added



hen samuria should be added to the game v101 tomorrow now.

ad it now or else

holy crap its not a touhou reference

i approve

Man, the design and those attacks are such a overpowered MASTERPIECE!

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The boss concept is great,especially the special game over.

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If y’all REALLY want this boss, expect him to take a break after a 1.5 months dev time. this will be hard. also double team with those attacks can be devastating

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Harder than twice Mysterious Ships

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i would suggest + zoom for hen samurai, bu for mysterious ship more zoom is useless, apart from making your ship smaller at sight