HELP ME UCHO encounter

UCHO is going to take me to BRAZIL
how to beat UCHO (U.C.O. 3rd encounter).

You can beat him by not letting your hitbox collide with his and his bullet’s.

Ok, how to beat it? Well here is my strategy:

Move to the top left of the screen when he about to shoot, I recommend stay in the opposite side where UCHO stands then move down slowly but not too slow, try to move in the beat of the purple neutrons shooting. If he’s about to ram you, overdrive your reflects and move your ship around the screen as fast as you could and if you’re a bomber, call the dancing pallbearers.

Sorry if english bad

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UCHO chocked me

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Run. Just run. It’s coming for you.


Added to help me from UFO list , to be destroyed :joy:

Best protip to win: Don’t die


You can win by not dying.

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