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I heard that Microsoft’s support for Windows 7 will end today and I want to change the Windows version on my computer to Windows 10, so how do I keep my progress in ciu???

Press Win+R on your keyboard and type: C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios
From there, Copy CIU folder (don’t delete the subfolders in that folder, these keep your save data from various versions) and save it on your portable hard drive (USB etc.) or send it to Cloud (Google Drive, etc.)
Keep these until you update to the newer OS.
(I think that if you update to win 10, all the data should be kept, but you’d better make a back-up. Just in case).

Then, when you install a game, run it and close it.
Press Win+R and type the exact same thing as before.
Paste the CIU folder and it should be ready to go!

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Microsoft support is already over, but it’s not like it automatically destroys computer if you stay on windows 7.

Also, I recommend doing a backup of files and doing a clean install of windows 10, not an update.

Just PUT C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU\ ’ your version folder ’

You can also browse the FAQ thread for more stuffs to know.

I always had backup on my flash drive and even on my phone’s storage.

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Use Google Drive, any Cloud Storage

Or in a Floppy, a CD or an USB.

It doesn’t have to be online.

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