Help Archiving ALL CIU Versions


Remind me to ask IA in many many years from now to open source their code, once they shut down the servers for the last time.


Kinda makes me ſad juſt thinking about it.


They are not worth brother. If i had more rights so far i would locked the topic. The old versions 1.1 and 2.1 are not enjoyble, the others too but not that much like the firsts. There is no point to continue want it. They are in the past :wink:


I wasn’t serious. Sorry if you thought so…


While I’m with you there, given that one wouldn’t be able to play the game, I would like to note that there’s ſomething to be ſaid for hiſtoric value.


If you dont able to get all of them, I can give next week


I have all of CIU versions on my local disk. From 1.2 to 13.1.


Can you upload them?


Not today. I’ll try to upload them tomorrow ok?


Screenshot_9 i have all ciu versions


Those are save files, not game files.


I have exe files but not sure which one is what. I have 12 files but I didnt named 'em.


It’s still better than nothing


I have installers (from version 7 to 13)!

Guess all of you in this topic want them for archive folder…

EDIT: Yes, I have version 10.1 installer
EDIT #2: Don’t expect version 11.1 installer because I missed that one