Hello! pattary

but im hoping iA will accept the “Enlisted” branch

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I’d rather buy a CHL for a homeless person. The problem is I’m broke.

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He thought he was the only guy doesnt have chl

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There’s like 100K people who have played this game, at least half of them don’t have CHL. (No one asked about this, you must agree)

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Dude CIU with and without CHL is all the same, what feels off is to not have enviromental shields, they’re far more important than a CHL


That’s always the case. guy is being too reckless about the CHL for the hell of it.

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I think you want CHL for those cool features and the game is bored for you but , you maybe don’t know how the Ironman Competition and Double Team Missions are so hard , The difficulty of Ironman Competition is 100% .
but , in the future (12/15/2022) you could play The New Anniversary that is remake of CI2 , with this quality .

and soon iA will finish making if CIU on iOS version .

This LunarX guy seriously are trying to act like he’s a poor person wanting to see how CHL is while out there, there are millions of those who cannot afford the CHL and they accept being F2P, adventuring out of their own, unlike you @NPCfromtheINTERNET. Serously, we’re sick of you begging for CHL, if you do not honest on your so called “Goodbye” letter, then you better be gone. You’re a disgrace because you beg for it, go ask other players about CHL, I’m sure most of them will agree that it’s utter useless. So thank you very much and get lost for real!

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@NPCfromtheINTERNET CHL is useless and not worth buying from the first place. That’s in terms for the locked elements. But mainly it’s a support for the developer. Which is what he deserve to earn his living.

If you look carefully at almost all other games. They have shops that offers in game currencies for real money. Which broke people don’t give fuck about them and enjoy the game in the least. CHL is exactly those. And rich people just purchase to support developers most likely.

And besides, It’s not like that this CHL won’t get your progress deleted If not purchased, or you will be punished in reality if not owned…IA left you many things in the game to enjoy and that’s proves it’s not worth buying the CHL unless if they are to support IA. Look very carefully in this post and think again. This will probably my last attempt to make you think properly.


It’s no use, even if we manage to somehow convince him, he would just trying to condemning us about interfering his personality and tell us that go &^&^* ourselves.

It’s it the best time counting the day we will kick him out of the CIC and the UHF once and for all…

Let’s not be too cruel on him. He is a kid and have a license to screw up.

He will grow up and obtain more common sense as time passes.

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Stop begging for it pls

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Your input isn’t necessary and helping.

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stop begging for it pls


Good lord you kids do love begging for virtual item.

Now you are behaving like a “depressed kid who’s on the edge”. Stop pretending, or if it’s real that you have it, go find a doctor.

The Chicken Hunter License is nothing. It’s just an item to support the developers.

You do not die if you don’t have CHL.
You do not get judged if you don’t have CHL.
You can still play the game without the CHL.

Sure you cannot access stuff like ironman, double team, paintjobs, etc but are they really worth the begging? I bet you cannot even survive the first wave (or stage) in ironman.

I am not saying these stuff for you to return back to CIU nor return to this community. Your choice to return, your choice to leave for good. But bloody hell do not do the “Leave me alone” on the internet. Just ignore.

If you want to return, Welcome back!
If you want to leave, Goodbye!


You are not helping either.

Thanks for improving my point a little bit.


eh, it’s nothing. I just don’t like this behavior in general


It’s aiming to fix this behaviour supposedly.