Hello CIU!


Hello there! If by any means you have seen a spaceship in-game with the name “ChickenInvader45”, well, that’s me.

So, I’m pretty much new here and while I didn’t have an account by the time the game launched, I have decided to join the forum to well, share my ideas and give some feedback!

Regarding CIU, I have been playing ever since early access stated, in fact I have been playing Chicken Invaders since a long time ago!


My first game was Revenge of the Yolk, more specifically, the Christmas edition, in my dad’s computer, where I just kept on dying on the first UCO! I was pretty young back then, so I had no clue what I was supposed to do.

Eventually, I played the other games, in that same computer I had an early version of The Next Wave, the Easter Edition of ROTY, and even Ultimate Omelette (can’t remember if I had other editions or not)


-Playing every game in the franchise, this includes all of the holiday editions
-Completing the COTDS in Rookie difficulty around 20-something times, speaking of such I NEVER went past Rookie, until Universe happened.
-Being Tier 42 in Universe, I AM SERIOUS!
-I tried desperately to get the Greatest Chicken Hunter of All Time Award (a no death run) in, mostly, CI5, to me that was and still is impossible, however I DID get it numerous times, in Universe!
-Yes, my username also came from this series


From day one I quickly got used to the game and played it like it was no big deal, especially the mouse control in the first version of the game, may have not liked it very much, but I treated it like it was no big deal.

To me the idea of exploring different systems and planets felt natural, after a few seconds (or minutes) of me not knowing what to do, I quickly got used to the game, and even though I was always in a rush to get fuel, the game to me felt natural, and felt like it was going to be the best Chicken Invaders game ever made.

Sure, Universe is still missing some things and would really benefit from both ideas and official content that is still missing in the current build, but right now it fells epic, I really want to see the game when it’s fully complete, something tells me it will be incredible.


I cannot really take a picture right now, it just throws me with a white screen when I press the key (it may be just me), but it looks EXACTLY like the one in COTDS, only it’s in the H&C 101 Hatchling (Yup, I’m STILL stuck in the default spaceship, but I’m planning, sooner or later, to upgrade to a better one), if you have seen it in-game, then you’re good to go! I previously, though, used something that looked like the one from Ultimate Omelette.
My spaceship from COTDS on the other hand, I don’t have the game right now, but when I did, I just used someone else’s design. Don’t ask.

EDIT: I finally got a screencap from my spaceship (had to go to Windowed mode to do it), I have posted it on this link: https://forum.chickeninvaders.com/t/post-your-spacecraft/1168/37


First, I’m SORRY if this was too long, and for some reason you didn’t read it, I understand that. Now, to end off I have decided to share something quick I made sometime ago in PowerPoint, back when Universe was just announced.

I apologize if it’s too big, and yes, there’s more where this one came from!
(EDIT: I have made an entire topic based on these images, you can find it here: Some Chicken Invaders “Artwork”)

Anyways that was my introduction to the CIU forums, I hope you guys have a good day. I’ll see you soon!


Hello! I remeber you. We shared several star systems together, because i was flying right behind you and walking on your way until you overtaken me :grinning: Tier 42 isnt very high number. I dont want to offend your skills, but i am around 60 tier(and for me its little meh). However, welcome in the forum!


Welcome, I don’t recall seing your spaceship in-game, or if I did, I completely forgot.
Anyway, welcome to the forum, enjoy your stay here.


Your image reminds me this joke at CI3. There was a wave they say they will make next rounds later.


60? I’m just tier 12 :slightly_frowning_face:(I almost have no time to play…).