Hardpoint ideas for more travelling versatility

Speed Limiter:
“Ha ha. Can’t handle the speed of light? Is Warp 9 too fast for you? Ok, ok, we can slow down your spacecraft, but it’s going to cost you extra!”

When mounted on flagship, it halves the maximum speed of your spacecraft. Could also be stackable, to halve the half of the speed for better effect. Some people may have maxed their warp devices and now they can’t even see their spacecraft travelling, and the only way to actually get that “Camera View” option was to sell their warp devices, which makes them waste keys if they ever decide to buy it again. Also, it’s pretty hard to use Warp, Interrupted and stop exactly where you need when your spacecraft takes way too long to stop. “Speed Limiter” being a hardpoint makes it detachable and reusable without having to sell and re-buy the warp devices. It should be really cheap too.

Thrust Output Controller
“Screw autopilots. You’re the boss.”

Gives you manual control over the spacecraft speed during trips. Kinda like in “Spacecraft Paint” menu with that slider that changes spacecraft’s exhaust level. Pretty similar to the idea above, but may seem harder for @InterAction_studios to implement. This one would be much more expensive, and could also work as an always-on item.


Instead of the Speed Limiter, I suggest there should be a buyable gear shift. Basically you can set your speed for any upgrade level of warp 9, as well as not having the warp at all.

If they changed warp 9 to just… warp tech, you could have the gear shift change from warp 0 (no warp) to warp whatever the max level is. But that’s just an additional idea.

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