Hardpoint: Accelerator

Maybe you can find a better name for it but still resembles its functionality.

There’s very few hardpoints in the game and they’re all cosmetic only! So I want to introduce the new hardpoint that has a use in the gameplay, The Accelerator.

What would it do:

  • It would sacrifice some firepower to accelerate your firing rate for some duration.

I’m not sure about the exact stats for it, because I can’t test, but I’ll give one example:

  • It sacrifice one firepower, that means if you have 20 firepower then say goodbye to your max power until you get another one)
  • It accelerates firing speed by 50%, it affects both automatic firing and manual firing cap without bothering with overheating. You might want to barbarically smash your button or go with soft way and safe your finger.
  • It lasts for 30 seconds, you got 50% more output for a half minute.

You can activate it anytime, unstackable, by pressing the 4th key (whatever it is, you can set in option: activate hardpoint). There might be also cooldown for it if it’s being too OP, but I think you won’t use it too much or it would drain your firepower a lot.

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This sounds like a special weapon.


But can be used as many as you like with some trade-off

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