Guide: How many keys do you need to "reach endgame"?

So you have created a new Guest account and want to become an experienced player. I consider myself a “casual experienced player”, tier 99 and explored the whole galaxy, bought almost all of the important items, but not good enough to win in competitive missions.

Let’s estimate how many keys you need to reach there. I use Galactic Store prices only unless otherwise noted, so this is the most expensive price possible (except spacecrafts and spacecraft parts, they are more expensive the higher rarity it is).


The first important thing you should buy is a weapon and upgrade to level 8. This helps a lot in getting keys in hard missions, because flying missions is the main way to earn keys in this game. Choose any weapon you like, but only one and upgrade it to max, not buying everything and upgrading only halfway. Level 8 is the most important, the starting weapon is less important because you will change it often in the mission anyway.

Level Galactic Store price
0 :key: 150
1 :key: 186
2 :key: 289
3 :key: 391
4 :key: 493
5 :key: 595
6 :key: 696
7 :key: 799
8 :key: 901
Total :key: 4,500


If you are confident in your skills, you should consider buying a skill to increase difficulty and key drop. The earlier you buy the skills, the earlier you can profit from the increased key drop. Although I buy all 6 skills just for fun, I think newer players only need Veteran (:key: 291) and Superstar Hero (:key: 751). And to be honest, I only use Rookie and Superstar Hero. The daily missions are a good way of testing the skills without buying them:

  • Easy: 0%-30% (Rookie)
  • Intermediate: 35%-65% (+20%, Veteran)
  • Hard: 70%-100% (+40%, Superstar Hero).

Buying all 6 skills with little difference between some of the difficulties will waste a lot of keys, so buying two skills or even one is enough for now (:key: 291-1,042).


If you want to use a starter spacecraft H&C 101 Hatchling to earn more keys in missions (+18% equipment perks), you should buy more slots because it only has 6. Although you obviously don’t have to buy all 24 slots, if you really want to do so for endgame purposes, it costs 425 * 24 = :key: 10,200.


The next part is galaxy exploration. When I explored for the first time I tried to do both tasks at the same time:

  • Explore the whole galaxy, which takes a few days to a week.
  • Buy strictly Legendary and most expensive equipment only. Because the question is to “reach endgame”, anything less than that would not be satisfying.

The first thing you need is to buy the Always-on items needed to explore the galaxy for that completion medal and the Legendary expensive spacecraft parts.

Item Cost to max Usage
EM Shield :key: 483 Enter electric environment
Event Horizon Stablizer :key: 1,230 Enter wormholes
Gravity Nullifier :key: 289 Enter sun and wormholes
Heat Shield :key: 425 Enter sun and hot planets
Orbit Droid :key: 3,053* Entering/leaving orbit faster
Warp Boost :key: 5,108* Decrease time to reach top speed
Warp Drive :key: 6,210* Higher top speed
Warp, Interrupted Unlocks Interrupt Trip. Not necessary.
Off-Road License :key: 225 Unlocks Off-Road for easier traveling.
:key: 17,023

Orbit Droid, Warp Boost and Warp Drive costs to max are calculated by taking the sell prices of them in my inventory and divide it by 40%, then rounded so it may not be exact.

Technically, these three items are not required to get 100% galaxy exploration, but it will take a much, much longer time of boring chore if you try to explore the galaxy without them. Unfortunately, they are also very expensive, so a good strategy is to explore a few star systems without them until you reach the Heroes Academy to buy it for a cheaper price.

To explore the galaxy for the cheapest fuel possible, you will need to buy the following two spacecraft parts:

  • Hall-Effect Thruster, the best possible engine, making trips consume less fuel. It costs 1713 + 65 + 65 + 66 = :key: 1,909 to max out and takes 1,420 power from your spacecraft (more below).

  • Spacecraft parts and weapon each takes some power away from your spacecraft, and your spacecraft must have enough power, otherwise you will not be allowed to use it for any reason. Power is provided by “reactors”. Your starting reactor is Mr. Fusion Plutonium Reactor and provides 1,495 power. This is not enough, because the engine above takes away 1,420 power and a maxed level 8 weapon takes away 285 power. So you have to buy a better one.

  • The cheapest reactor (“energy provider”) to buy is Uranium Fission Reactor for :key: 828, providing 2,035 power unupgraded. This is enough, you don’t have to upgrade this, because the other parts are:

    • Weapon: -285 power
    • Engine: -1,420 power
    • Starting heat sink: -250 power
    • Total: -1,955 power < 2,035 power

The maximum total cost for all of the above items is 16,798 + 1,909 + 828 = :key: 19,535. And that finishes the first goal of exploring the whole galaxy. You don’t need to prepare much fuel, the keys awarded from exploring the galaxy will be enough.

For the second goal, which is optional for most players, is to hunt for all Legendary and most expensive spacecraft parts. Each spacecraft part only has one Legendary in the entire galaxy, and their positions are reset every 4 weeks, you should ask other players if their positions are reset recently, preventing them being reset while you are in a middle of exploring. You will need to prepare the following amounts of keys for non-CHL players before starting your big trip (estimated):

  • Legendary H&C 101 Hatchling, for smaller hitbox and +18% key gain bonus in missions, the sell price in my bag (viewed in Galactic Store) is 483 keys, so the cost is approximately :key: 1,207. Unlike other families, for this one the cheapest one is the best.

  • Legendary M408 Cuisiniter (Licensed), sell price 1,633 keys, the cost is approximately :key: 8,165.

  • Legendary BX-9 Mjolnir (Licensed), sell price 1,740 keys, the cost is approximately :key: 8,700.

  • Legendary VF-76 Raven (Licensed), costs more than :key: 8,232. I haven’t bought it yet.

  • Legendary Hall-Effect Thruster, takes away 1,210 power (common takes away 1,420 power), sell price is 862 keys so maxing is approximately :key: 2,155.

  • Legendary Cubic Buron Arsenide Heat Sink, takes away 1,005 power, sell price is 833 keys so maxing is approximately :key: 2,082.

  • Legendary Proton-Proton Chain Reactor, provides 3,740 power when maxed. Buying this Legendary is pointless because an unupgraded Common one is enough: Legendary engine + Legendary heat sink + Weapon < unupgraded Common Proton-Proton Chain Reactor (1,210 + 1,005 + 285 < 3,050), but if you want to buy this and maxed out just to show off to other people that “I completed the collection”, sell price is 713 keys so maxing it is :key: 1,782. Because the goal is to “reach endgame” I will be stricter and include this in the calculation, although you only need to buy the Common one unupgraded.

  • Total of all of the above: :key: 32,323. It is very important that you prepare this amount of keys before starting to explore. If you want to be efficient in key spending, you should buy it all on the first trip of exploration, otherwise you will need to spend keys for fuel to travel a long distance to the Heroware in the future with no extra rewards.


The maximum total to reach endgame, in worst case, is:

  • Weapon: :key: 4,500
  • Skills: :key: 1,042
  • Mission slots: :key: 10,200
  • Exploration Always-on: :key: 17,023
  • Starting Exploration spacecraft parts: 1909 + 828 = :key: 2,737
  • Legendary spacecrafts and parts (final goal): :key: 32,323
  • TOTAL: :key: 67,825

Before you complain “That’s too much, this game is pay-to-win”:

  • You don’t have to buy ALL spacecrafts. If you don’t have CHL, you can buy the spacecrafts one level below the highest ones for a much, much cheaper price. I’m calculating strictly endgame.

  • Technically you can argue that “endgame” means ALL legendary spacecrafts rather than just the most expensive ones, but I lowered it down to make it realistic and also I’m lazy to calculate them all, and spend my own keys to take note of their upgrade costs.

  • Remember that the regional shops sell items for a cheaper price.

  • Galaxy exploration gives you about 27 * 125 constellations + 9 * 1,109 star systems + 12 * 1,098 suns + 3 * 4,471 planets + 5 * 100 asteroid belts + 100 * 20 wormholes = :key: 42,445. That should cover your fuel and much more. To make it cheaper, buy fuel at the fuel stations only.

When you play missions, don’t think about farming keys. Just play what you like and when you get bored with a mission, move on to another one or to a mission with a different type to prevent boredom. If you can get 1,000 keys per day, it will take two or three months to reach endgame in worst case (if I assume exploration rewards only cover for fuel and nothing more).

Don’t play the game when you don’t feel like it. Three months to reach endgame in an online game is a very generous amount, and this game doesn’t punish players for missing out.


understandable have a nice day


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