Grimick in daily

Only appear in Nomal (2 grimick) and Hard (4) mission
I have some idea for those like:
+Disable heat bar (Just hire it but you still can be overheat)
+Enemy have 120% heath
+Weapon damage +100%, firerate -50% (or damage -50%, firerate +100%)
+All safe zone and danger zone disappear (like SSH)
+Protective speed +20%
+Never overheat
+Boss is harder than normal 15%
+Satelite damage -50%, special weapons damage +50%
+Bigger ship (bigger hitbox)

I’ll update more grimmick when I have idea

Thanks 4 reading❤


How about forcing random perishables/mountables to be used by everyone playing that mission


Humm…Idk, ask IA

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