Goofy suggestions

Hi, pilots.
No, it’s not a wrong title, nor a post to complain for anything goofy, there’s just seriously goofy ideas I had while playing the game. It’s not meant to be included in the game actually, but if some are, I will bark of joy all around the room (no proofs given of course).

  • A boss gets Tourette’s and slurs the player each 5% – but stay polite, so it’s !@&#, #&@!, or even &@#! – for example once in a thousand (Prerequisties : the boss must not be a multiple one, i.e. no Multiplicity nor exponentiallity, no “Brothers Reunite”, etc.)
  • If one loses a life, one comes back, but was sometimes “Too late for a barrel roll”.
  • If one is facing Planetary Egg City, one must say “Let’s seAttle this” instead of “let’s settle this”.
  • If one gets a firepower of 50, one gets a 0-point bonus “You needed this ?”
  • If one gets a firepower of 51, one gets a 0-point bonus “You SRSLY needed this ?”
  • If one gets 100 times “Pecking Order” during a mission, one must get Bercow’s ORDAR Bronze Medal. If one gets 1000 Bercow’s Bronze medals during a carrer, one gets the Bercow’s ORDAAAAR Gold Medal (for copyright reasons, you may spell it “Bear-Cow”)
  • If one has a game over on the last 10% of the last boss on the last level of a mission, one gets a Consolation Prize of 35 points.
  • If Charity, e.g. once in a thousand, it’s not “Charity”, it’s “Dangerous To Go Alone”.
  • Give the player the possibilitiy to count the stages progression on base 0 instead of base 1

In a mission, the level completion actually indicates “you’re playing the nth level” instead of “you’ve finished n levels”. In base 0, the progression would be 0/18 while the first level is not complete. Seeing this counted in base one really hurts my developer heart.

  • When one beats the Egg Cannon Cannon Cannonnade, one says “I’ve beat beat beaten this one!”
  • When one meets the Chicken Exponentiallity, one may say “Damn, that escalates quickly !”

If I have other bad ideas, I’ll add them on the list.


You sir are too amazing.

It’s okay but there’s some typos in your post

Thanks for pointing out, I’ll try to correct them. I may miss some though, don’t hesitate to tell me, so I can edit.


Here. I found another typo.

Goofy suggestion: Add the picture of Gabe Newell in the background

I think it’s a Bonus with 0 point, like Super Size Me

I think “the player” is better than “one”

Added to v.44
:medal_sports: Idea


Does it seriously need to be one in a THOUSAND?
i mean,i get the idea that its supposed to be stupid,but think about this:
would "Its dangerous to go alone"be more fitting if it gave you 5 or above amount of firepower?Since the sentence sounds like something dreadful is going to happen, and “charity” should be about 1-3 firepower,since it doesn’t really indicate that the wave will be very dangerous/very hard.
also,wouldn’t the sentence be more fitting if it were to give you a satelite?Since “Its dangerous to go ALONE”,it would fit the defenition of a satelite
This reply was originally going to be posted 2 hours before,but i had too many replies written for the day,sorry if its late for you

I love that we’re adding a bunch of community quips, but I hope they are all still up to quality standard. If my character just says “LOL rekt” I think it will hurt immersion a bit (unless it’s like super crazy rare)

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