Good bye

I won’t be in ciu anymore

It was fun with all of you guys




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K who asked?


Now get out

I wondered why they made a “goodbye” topic as no one even asked or cared about that :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



I’m not even going to post here.

posts here
“I’m not even going to post here.”


I wonder why you would choose to post your good-bye and not read responses. Most would just leave the forum and continue forward. If you are reading these posts it seems that you want to be involved and looking for attention. If the game is not for your tastes you c

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Bruh, what is wrong with you?

I messed up my reply, all I wanted to say is take care to the GOOD-Bye post and I hope they find a game that is more for them. Be well all…

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If you were talking to them, reply to their post, not to mine. Otherwise, it’s confusing.

OOP’S please excuse my lack of computer skills, I tend to hit the wrong button at the wrong time. It sucks to be me sometimes but I try to do my best. Also, you have some impressive progress results in eliminating chickens, the galaxy thanks you. Can you help me understand how the daily scores are consistent for all below the #1 rank but Soviet Vamp is so much higher than everyone else? When I was in the hospital recovering I played non stop and didn’t break 2,900 waves in a day. Their numbers are extremely high. Again please excuse my mistake I will try not to repeat it. Fly safe and, Be well all…


bye bro. but is true?

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says that he won’t spit a breath on this topic
Posts here.

Don’t worry this is not an attack lol.

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It’s alright, pal.

As for Vampz, I’ve been doing some investigation with @Knightcap, and we believe they’re exploiting a mission named ‘‘Surprised Canvass’’. Most definitely a food exploit. Vampz keeps starting and surrendering the same mission after completing its first wave.

I was thinking about reporting it to IA later.


So have you done it?

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I’m leaving ciu so that I can focus more on slempy so I can get more loot