Getting a new offensive spacecraft

Ok, so I got 3.3k keys and as much as I like the basic spacecraft (bc of the extra keys bonus)

I need more firepower and the thing is that the BX-Line is very offensive in terms of firepower but it´s slow movement.

The H&C line is our CI regular lane with balanced power.

The M4 line has a lot of space for consumables and slightly more power than the H&C line.

And, the VF line of spacecrafts has environmental advantages.

I still cannot decide which spacecraft to get when the time comes… Any suggestions?

(I know that eventually getting all spacecrafts is possible XD)


I think you should get a M4 because it runs good on every mission

BX is OP. Slowness doesn’t matter when you master the Art of BX Driving.

BX Driving huh?
I´m very interested. So… The Mjolnir right? (the most expnsive one right? XD)


BX-9 have the most satellites and the most firepower, but the least speed

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I think I´ll get the M4 after one of the BX models👌


We can “kinda” reduce the impact on the speed matter I think… Maybe by tweaking the sensitivity on the controls?

Meh, it won’t do anything much

Also be aware that the BX have bigger hitbox, which can lead to easier deaths

It was worth the shot XD

Ohh, hey. Question: You got a squad that I can join? I´d really like to get into one of those

Oh yup I have a squadron but I don’t assign much

Hmm… That didn´t even cross my mind till now

Hmm… how many players in your squad?

9 or something I don’t remember

Good for me. So… how can I join?

What’s your callsign?


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Kinda not good or original name XD

It’s a good name though

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I appreciate the kind words