Gas weapon

We can invent a somewhat particular weapon, I don’t know exactly what to call it, but it shoots green gas. this is an example to imagine how trying to imagine this weapon could be in play

How it works, taking the upgrades you start to raise the smoke, reaching 10 which will be slightly larger, then reaching 20 it will be larger. I would add that the trajectory starting from 0 will be restricted, then slowly the throttle widens etc etc…


Seems similar to photon swarm unless it’s a continuous cloud instead of mist streams

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it’s not like the photon swarm, it’s all continuous, let’s say it shoots gas smoke here :slight_smile:

let’s imagine that the smoke is continuous, now I did this to understand but later we put the colors tastes, it will only be green like the gas of the chickens when they die and release the gas

I misunderstood the drawing, sorry

for you a weapon that spews smoke as you think, dear?

Is it easily overheating, or still firing continuously even after overheating?

if you continue to shoot smoke after overheating like poccorn does, it’s no, this doesn’t happen after that, at most like all guns it says “overheating”. Obviously it won’t be a smoke that overheats very fast, we should do some tests which unfortunately I don’t know how to do ;(. you know smoke when you go to parties like this we should do :slight_smile: based on how many power ups we take the smoke expands and pulls in the trajectory.

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this is sort of like bbqer but doesn’t delete bullets

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It had better not cover them. Translucency required or it will be unusable.

let’s say that when the enemy is hit, he begins to lose life as if he were suffocating, however, the attack damage must be seen, the drawing is to make you understand how it must be, obviously, it is all covered by green, yes, in fact, it must be a bit transparent

at least we make new weapons since we always have the same ones

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