Gas planet missions

Sorry I cant provide images for this idea but I dont have a PC to visualize.

This Idea is for a new mission type that would only appear on gas planets. The mission icon is a cloud.
The mission itself is normal, however there is gas in the way of your sight. It doesnt completely block it, but it is harder to see. Things like lasers and other energy projectiles are more visible and emit light. Chickens, forks, eggs etc. are not as easy to see.
If needed, the gas fog could be pushed away by the players projectiles, but would come back eventually.
I dont want to take the storm planet spotlight, but since I think gas planets also have storms inside them, lightning bolts could also appear. Either in seperate waves to not make certain waves impossible, or the lightning would avoid safe zones.
Please leave feedback on this idea :slight_smile:


I was thinking about it a while ago,but it’s a really good idea.
What about darkness missions appearing on those plants though?

So… an environment that is like the frozen but can’t dissipate? I like it

Yeah it is similar to both of those… hm…

A new challenge.New waves will have to created(cos why not?)

Frozen is like darkness ,but each gives a separate experience.
Maybe the storms could only be on electric gas giants.There are a lot of them.


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