Game optimization and more

Hi, I saw that this game is not very well optimized yet and I would like you to optimize it.
Please add the unlimited fps function because I have a 144hz monitor and this game would work better for me.
I know you worked a lot on this game but I would ask you to optimize it better.
Some people will tell me that I have a weaker computer but no I’ll leave you my components below.

Processor Intel® Core™ i5-6400 CPU @ 2.70GHz, 2701 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
GTX 950

My name in CIU is FaNnN[T]

please optimize it in the next update.
I don’t know what topic i put.

1- ideas are put in the ideas category.
2- But there’s already a option in the options menu. it’s called maximum fps. increase it to 125.

125 != 144

Actually, I’m curious about this because until about a month ago I had a weaker PC than yours (AMD FX-6300, GTX 750 2GB, though with 16GB of RAM) and the game ran fine.

Is it laggy in general, or does it drop frames at specific points (big explosions, waves with lots of enemies, etc.)?

when it’s an explosion etc it’s not lag I mean the game isn’t very well optimized, I play a few games on (I don’t name the platform) and I have over 200fps (csgo i dont
promotion this game ) but in this game it’s around 120-144fps

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Because there’s fps limiter in the options. Geez.

Few more words
All CI games are running extremely well (because they aren’t that technologically impressive) and you can run them on nearly every device. I played it on highest options on GPU with 512MB of VRAM (old ATI video card) and it was max fps. I don’t think there’s anything that would be possible to further optimize this game. (I would like to see it on a newer engine however, but that’s not on the point of this topic)


I think what you’re saying is that the fps is bottlenecked to 125 fps. And well, it is a fair criticism since many other games offer far more fps. It is indeed shameful to not be able to take full advantage of your 144hz monitor but the thing is, all it would do is make the game slightly smoother, and I do mean slightly since 144hz basically means that you only experience every game that you have as if it was capped out at 144 fps. I’m no display expert but 19 extra frames per second don’t really make all that big of a difference as you might think, especially when you’re dealing with fps values over 100. It’s actually just as performant if not even more performant than CSGO.

I have an old PC and it ran CIU at 60 FPS with no problem

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