Game crash when leaving

If you pressed the exit and fire button in multiplayer mission, the game will crash, im currently playing on my mobile so idk if this bug also exist in the PC & iOS version.

It happened to me multiple times, but as you can see in the video, sometimes i don’t encounter this bug…

I see 3 crashes logged for you at the same point in the game, but they’re very odd.

Did you have any crashes joining/leaving multiplayer games in this way with versions before v.135?


In v134

That can’t open your old version.

You must update the latest version first.

I meant “in”, sorry for this mistake.

Dude,the only one rule is speak English in forum not other languages.

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Because server was crashed yeaterday, every progess will be reverted to a saved progress 12h ago. Check this comment to know more.

Speak English pls.