Galaxy regeneration and progress

I read in previous versions that sometimes the galaxy got “regenerated”. Does that mean you lose all your progress (missions completed, planets explored)?
If so, will this happen again?
I’ve been playing for a few months now and I have 2445/22167 missions completed, with 234 hours played. I’d be sad to know everything will get erased…

If you need to add new planets / missions I would suggest simply expanding the current galaxy and maybe reordering what already exists, instead of deleting all you’ve done.
What do you say, @InterAction_studios ?


Only Galaxy Exploration will be reset

Mission complete not gonna be reset (Oh well thats all I know)

The v94 update say the galaxy exploration is gonna be reset to fix bug but my galaxy exploration progress is still there.

Will our tier and keys be saved?

Only the galaxy been reset, every is still normal.

You do lose missions completed, because they are part of the galaxy generation (missions are generated together with the galaxy). This is a major galaxy regeneration that only happens once to fix some errors with the galaxy overall since the beginning of Early Access in 2018. It won’t happen again at least anytime soon, if ever.

A galaxy regeneration resulted in your galaxy exploration and missions completed being wiped, but your career score, currency and medals remained saved.

New missions and enemies or modifications have been made in the past and the missions themselves have been regenerated many times, but they do not require full galaxy regeneration.


Where they said that? V95 topic?

Sorry I remember the wrong version. Is V94 update not V95

The galaxy hasn’t been regenerated in the last few months. Perhaps you’re referring to your preferences being reset? That’s just a UI thing.

There are no plans to re-generate the galaxy, but I also can’t guarantee that it won’t ever need to be regenerated. I’ll do my best to avoid it, however.


Good to know, thanks for the effort.

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