Galactic Finder (Already Suggested)

Ok, the squadron and contact add contact inspired me to make this…

What about a Galactic Finder? (or Galactic Browser, idk for the name) this will make able to find Solar systems, planets, suns, barren rocks, also shops like Heroware, Market Station, Space Burger, Madamm’s, Asteroid Bolts, Wormholes… u will need to already explore that site for found it in the finder, this work simple, like the add contact.

Btw this finder will be found where my cursor aim.

Yeah ik u can find still useless as you can just go to forum or see the solar systems by urself, but if you like to aim to find more things, but you also find interesting things maybe.

For use the finder u may explore the site (already said) after u explore it, u can write things like Space burgers (that will have all the space burgers in a line from the first to the last #1-100, This counts to all the shops like Gus’s Gas #1-115, Heroware #1-115 and Aftermarket Station #1-115).

With madamm’s (along with planets, barren rocks, artificial moons, Suns and Asteroid Belts), they will appear organized as Alphabet words (This will even compile Binary Suns).

When you click one of the names the finder found, the screen will go to that location. (and yes u could go there if you got enough fuel).

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