Galactic Cup Gaps

So, @Error in and I were discussing that the gap between the end of the previous Galactic Cup and the start of the next one is too short. If I recall, its 24 hours from when the winner announcement is made. This, to me, feels like it leads to burnout, because the end and start of two Cups is basically immediate. This is where a suggestion (and a poll) comes in. Both of us believe that if the gap between Cups is lengthened to three days minimum, that would give us time to rest up from the precious Cup, easing some stress for players who make it to the late brackets (last 8, quarter and semi finals). I understand that you don’t have to join the GC, but for those who actively join/do the competitive missions, this can really put stress on them.

Vote below on the time between the end and start of Cups and why you picked it.

If this idea is enough to merit a medal, I’d like for it to be shared with @Error, for sharing the same idea.

How long should the gap be between two Galactic Cups?
  • 3 Days
  • 7 Days
  • Remain the same (1 Day)
  • Longer than 7 Days (Specify how long)

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Those who missed the cup or lost and want to retry will have to wait longer now. As if the waiting time isn’t too long already.

making the wait longer for the next cup would just be kind of unnecessary, to be honest
besides, if you’re really that stressed, why are you still playing competitive missions

criticism for the post itself, not the idea

the whole post could have been summed up with much less words than this, and then suggested on the early access thread instead of giving it it’s own thread

cut straight to the chase, and then write a whole “behind the scenes” after that, so you wont confuse anyone

1 day is long and more than enough for the player to rest his hand preparing for the next hassle. Besides. The first phase of the galactic cup takes 2 days before entering the next 2 phases. Which gives a very lot of time for the participant to play this phase and rest his hand longer. So I don’t find this one being helping in anything.

Edit: And don’t forget the first phase mission is less than a hybrid knockout mission.

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