Full Game Coming To Consoles

So i was just wondering:

-When the game is not in early access state anymore,it could also be released on consoles like the xbox and the playstation,since the game already has Controller/Joypad support
(on Playstation you could also move Via touchpad,not only from the D-Pad or L3).

-Since touchpad is not a thing on Xbox,sometimes it may be hard to dodge some enemies or enemy projectiles since the speed is the same with the D-Pad or LS
(or you could also just insert a mouse in the console and move faster but whatever…)

–so yeah,that is pretty much everything.

–also i do not expect anything from this to be reality,this is just an idea i came up with!


welp,that is sad

Well they had controller support which is okay to me :slight_smile:

steam deck

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