Frozen bomb idea

A frozen bomb helps a lot.
The help of this bomb is that if you blow it up, it will freeze the chickens near it.

Not frozen

The good news is that when the chickens are frozen, they can’t hit you.
For example, if an egg or a chicken passes by the blast site, it freezes for 5 seconds (does not move) and then continues to move.
It does not matter if they are hit.
The hitbox of it is some thing such as the blow picture

Special thanks to @anon51565962 and @Darth_Skembesion
If you do not understand something, tell me, I will answer.


How about less secs on hard waves?

Also they shouldn’t hurt you if you touch them while they frozen.

may cause bugs. Early people here said so.

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Even if the enemies are frozen, do you still die when you touch them?



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Hey, thanks for the special thanks for me, but there was no need to. I just advised you to come up with this idea, that’s all. :smile:


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