Free Games trending right now

Post anything about games if they are super free :money_mouth_face:

Very good and free-to-play game


Battlefield V for free

Apex Legends for free

@Electronic_Arts, I think this illegal

We are taking actions against free games.

An advice: Leave free games alone. :wink:

No offense but that was just one of your stupid desicions (forgive me for saying that, you can’t just rant on other developers for their games being free.)

But we made Battlefield, how can we rant our own games.

PvZ 2 and Heroes are free.EA missed something there.

Wait, i thought you meant ‘free games released by other developers’.

No no, we have nothing against “free” game developers, if they wanna be poor let them be poor.

Uh-oh, think you have a SOUL named “Arrogance”. :roll_eyes:

i was just joking, no offense :wink:

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