Food Farming

I really hate to tell this, but you can really exploit the squawk block mission by playing it in tourist skill for VERY VERY MUCH foods. I think IA should give food collecting modifier too, just like keys and points.

What’s that sound? Sounds creepy

:neutral_face: i dont know what that sound was

It said ‘No Cursey!’

incorrect, “No Mercy”

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Can only think of 2 methods.

  • What you have mentioned already; food produce/spawning modifiers

  • Increase price of items in shop

I don’t, becauſe food’s not really worth much.

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If you’re patient enough, you got lot of keys…

(for less effort)

True, but it’ll always be poſſible to grind. Food farming juſt iſn’t worth it.

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Playing high difficulty Comet Chase and Meteor Storm missions with SSH can get you over 1k keys per hour, and it also doesn’t take much effort. Farming food isn’t all that efficient.

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